4 Things That Don’t Really Add Value to Your Home

Home Improvement

No matter whether you’re an investor or a home owner looking for some awesome ideas to add value to your home, you always need to be careful and go for constructive ideas. Don’t go for each and every renovation idea you find interesting on the internet. There are many renovation ideas that may look cool in the pictures but they don’t have any practical significance. Similarly, if you’re crazy about renovation all the time, you may end up causing more harm than good.

In order to guide you, here are a few things that don’t really add value to your home and you could just end up increasing your renovation time and budget:

1.     Excess of Everything is bad – Wallpapers and Textures
There are many people who are crazy about patterns and shapes. They like to apply it on their walls in the form of beautiful and charming wallpapers. However, wallpapers are quite difficult to remove and can make the moving in process for the buyers relatively tough. In addition to the wallpapers, people also like to apply texture on their walls. They are also difficult to remove for the home buyers. Rather having wallpapers and texture on your walls, you can apply fresh paint and neutral colors to stage your home well which can really add value to your house.

2.     Swimming Pool – Absolute Unnecessary for Families
Although it may look awesome and fascinating when you see pictures of beautiful swimming pools on the internet or in renovation flyers, it usually does not have any practical significance. If you’re not doing it for a hotel renovation, change your mind, as families usually cannot maintain a swimming pool at their home on regular basis. They typically prefer a home with minimum maintenance cost. In addition, there is a high risk associated with swimming as families with kids can face accidental drowning anytime. Many families won’t be willing to have such a liability in their home.

3.     Extensive Home Landscape
Yes, it might look beautiful whenever you’ll show it to the buyers, but it doesn’t always add a lot of value to your home. If you have a relatively extensive landscape, doesn’t matter if it looks charismatic, a lot of buyers won’t be willing to spend the time or maintenance cost on it when they move in. To them, although it looks amazing, may not know how to keep it up. Also, a buyer won’t pay more for the house, based off of how much time and money that you spent on everything.

4.     High custom designs
If you’re preparing your home for to sell or plan on selling within the next few years, try not to personalize to your specific style that may not appeal to the masses. Also, keep your neighborhood in mind on how high your finishes should be. If your area doesn’t rate for granite countertops and top-of-the-line flooring, you may not get back what you put in it. Visit an open house or get in touch with a real estate agent to see what kind of finishes your neighbors put in their house that caused their house to sell so quickly.